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About Me and My Dogs

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I began showing dogs in conformation and obedience in 1989

My first breed was Dalmatians.  I still have two at home Ch Amera's Master Craftsman RN aka Cooper and Ch Amera's Never Said Never aka Willow.
Past Dalmatians were Ch Amera's Tail From The Darkside "Caruso", Willowood's Paisley Amera CD "Jade"  and Ch Amera's Metalica "Candi".  I co-owned a number of other Dalmatians that completed their Championships with my then mentor and still good friend Sue.
My first Havanese, Tres Divas El Conquistador aka Chip, came to live with me in 2003 and his brother Ch Tres Divas Rojo Dragon aka Eddie lives with his co-owner Pat. We also co-owned another Havanese Ch Lynyears Peludo de Tres Divas.
It took a while to find another Havanese and finally in January 2009, Evander, Ch Tapscott's Total Knock Out,  was offered for sale at the age of 4 months and the breeders sold me this puppy.  Evander came off the plane after flying for almost 12 hours making connections and wait times with an attitude like "here I am so where do we go now".  He was totally full of himself then and is still his own dog now.
Evander is a wonderfull charming little man and he certainly keeps me on my toes with his antics.  He is extremely smart and just loves the world.  He entered the show ring on his own terms and finished easily.

In September of 2009, another dog became available from the same breeder and Tapscott's Singular Sensation at Angelheart aka Sassy came to live with me and my other dogs.
Sassy obtained her championship in June 2011.  She is a very easy little girl, shy and likes to approach new people on her own terms.  Sassy is very happy at home and dominates both Evander and Chip.

Taking a break

Vacations are fun.

Taking a break is relaxing not only for me but the dogs as well.  When I go on vacaton I try to take everyone with me.  Here is Sassy sitting at a bar with me at a dude ranch.  Of course she was too young to drink.


I have also done Agility with Candi, Rally with Cooper and Agility with Chip