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A quick view of all the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Shirts
Denim Long Sleeve Shirts
Denim Jackets
Short Sleeve Shirts come in both black and white.  Your choice of Rhinestone Breed Design on all shirts
$39.95  Short Sleeve Shirt
$59.95   Long Sleeve Denim Shirt
Denim Jackets with your choice of Breed in Rhinestones
$89.95  Denim Jacket




Messanger and Evening Bags
Messanger Bags and Evening Bags decorated with the Rhinestone Breed of your choice
$44.95 Messenger Bag
$39.95 Evening Bag




Cell Phone Holders and Ties


Cell Phone Holders for both flip phones and blackberry with your Breed choice outlined with Rhinestones
Ties in a rich Cranberry or Taupe with your Breed choice outlined with Rhinestones
$19.95  Cell Holders and Ties

Have a garment you would like us to add a Rhinestone Dog to?

The shirt must be either:




No stretch or jersey material, nylon, rayon etc.  Must be able to withstand high heat temperatures.

Please Note: designs that contain a large number of black crystals should not be placed on a black shirt, black on black will not be recognizable.

Design Care: can be dry cleaned or hand washed, or turned inside out in the gentle cycle and line dried.

$25.00 each design

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